The Castle Hotel in Taunton is rich in history; the castle it was once part of is believed to have existed in some form for over twelve hundred years.

For the past 300 years it was a hostel, and much of the interior of the hotel is of medieval origin. The façade of the hotel is covered in Wisteria, one of the most magnificent specimens in the country and over 150 years old.

With 44 rooms the 4-star hotel is popular with visitors to the region as it is well placed for tourists exploring the South West. It is also a much-used venue for weddings and conferences.

Early in 2017, the brasserie attached to the hotel underwent a refurbishment and rebranding to become Brazz, an eclectic, chic restaurant.

The restaurant had not been given a refresh for some years, and needed a contemporary look to appeal to a wider customer base, encompassing the younger set through to the older generations.


Devondale Electrical in Taunton was a long-term supplier to the Castle Hotel. “I’ve known Devondale and used them for a long time. They are friendly people and give good service,” Stuart says. The electrician and general builder were local trades Matthews Electrical Services and Stuart Fear.

The lighting brief was for the right ambiance to be achieved in the most cost-effective way, using energy saving options. Devondale brought in samples for Stuart to consider before the final choices were made.

The project required in excess of 100 downlights plus other lighting. Devondale supplied:

  • LED strips behind the bar area
  • LED along the front of the countertop
  • Downlights exterior and interior including the rest rooms.

In addition, Devondale supplied LED lamps for the chandeliers in the reception area and function room.

Stuart says he is expecting a really good energy saving from the new low energy lighting.

The refurbishment of the restaurant started on January 3rd 2017 and Brazz opened its doors on February 7th.  The feedback for the new look has been extremely positive.

Products included:

Downlights: Aurora Elite 220-240v LED warm white