Living Coasts is the UK’s only coastal zoo dedicated to protecting the marine environment and marine and coastal species across the world. It is part of the Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust which also runs Paignton and Newquay Zoos.

As an environmental charity, and the move to energy saving LED lighting is a necessity.

LED lighting is replacing fluorescent and other lighting in the site offices, the public exhibits, the café and function room. In the café, two fluorescent bulbs are being replaced by 20W LED panels, leading to a reduction to a quarter of the power previously used.   

The payback period for the switchover is estimated at being between two to three years.

As well as saving energy, the LED lighting will improve the visitor experience. The lighting in the shop is currently too dim and will benefit once the lighting is installed.

Environmental Officer Peter Morgan says that the ability to tune the frequency of the LED lighting is a real benefit. Where the offices had a fluorescent flicker, the LED lighting now provides a stable lighting that is better for employees.

The installation is being carried out by in-house electrician John Squires who splits his work between Living Coasts and Paignton Zoo.

John says that the site has many false ceilings that facilitate installation of panels. The ongoing programme includes:

  • Replacing 12V fluorescent bulbs in the restaurant with LED panels
  • Replacing 28W 2Ds in the rest rooms with LED panels
  • Replacing fluorescent office lights, 2 x 26W per light with 40W LED panels
  • Panels are mainly Aurora branded.

Devondale is supplying products not only for Living Coasts but also Paignton Zoo which is also going through a similar process.