The TLH group encompasses four hotels in Torquay: Carlton, Derwent, Toorak and Victoria, all located close to each other, and some interconnected making it simple for guests to use facilities in the different complexes.

The leisure group has been busy increasing its already enviable green credentials with the replacement of traditional fluorescent, halogen and tungsten lighting with energy efficient LED lights and panels. Devondale Electrical Wholesalers has been working with the in-house electricians for an ongoing lighting refurbishment programme. Products are sourced from NET LED.

For example, in the bowling arena, there were previously 75 fluorescent tubes and 75 halogen lamps. These have now been changed over to LED lights. Guests using the arena mentioned that the lighting is now superior and helps their games. The payback period for the change to LED is estimated at only 7 months.

In the swimming pool, six 300W floodlights have been changed to 50W LED fittings. These Cornlamps cost around £100 each and the payback is just 5 months.

In the ballroom area, 300 LED lamps have been installed. Group Property Manager Ian Bolingbroke refers to the benefit of labour saving with fewer lamps needing to be replaced. He also says that testing lighting is a lot easier.

The restaurant in the Derwent Hotel used 360 tungsten bulbs. These have now been replaced with 360 LED GU10 lamps.

The Med Bar, also in the Derwent overlooking the swimming pool, now utilises LED strips behind art panels, with LED spots inset into the ceiling.

There are 434 bedrooms throughout the hotels. These are being refurbished at a rate of 80 per year (equating to a 6-year cycle of refurbishment). Current refurbishment includes changing all wall lights to LED.

In the corridors, 16W LED 2D IP54 bulkhead tri-colour and microwave motion sensor fittings are replacing older style lighting. These have a 10% standby mode and include emergency, so should the mains fail, they will work on battery pack up for three hours

Other fittings used in corridors and stairwells are the same bulkhead models without the emergency facility.

Ian says: “For the past two and half years the TLH in-house electricians have worked with the Torquay branch of Devondale Electrical Wholesalers as our sole supplier. We appreciate the quick service, good stock and their helpful attitude.”

Devondale looks forward to continuing to work with TLH with the ongoing replacement of old lighting, helping the hotel group to keep energy costs low and contribute to environmental improvements.