In 2015 Torquay Boys Grammar School was in a position to replace old fluorescent fitting (T12 and T8). The school was keen to reduce its electrical bills.

Initially they looked at conversion kits for the old units, but decided instead to opt for new fittings, after the cost of new LED panels dropped significantly.

Site Manager Peter Richardson invited several local companies to tender, including Devondale Electrical.

The specification included LED panels plus a number of fluorescent fittings (T5) for single unit lighting. T5 are known to be durable and are easily maintained. In addition, there was a requirement for sensors for every room and corridor to ensure lighting bills could be kept to a minimum after the investment. 


Devondale secured the contract on the basis of good pricing, the right product option and previous experience as a supplier to the school.

Mr Richardson explained: “Devondale has always been very helpful, they will always source what we need and the delivery is very good – it they don’t have it in stock, they will be able to get it for the following day.”

As a site manager, he doesn’t have the time to hunt around or find cheaper products, and he believes Devondale’s prices are competitive. He also appreciates the people and the service.

The installation was carried out using the in-house team, contributing to further savings for the school.

Example savings

  • Example calculations for cost and energy savings:
  • Dining hall: £178.09 and 1,737kWh per year
  • Chemistry/Physics PL1: £163.58 and 1,596kWh per year
  • Corridor: £208.19 and 2,031kWh

Total savings

  • With around 210 replacement fittings, the estimated total cost savings to the school are significant at £11,239.87 in the first year.
  • The energy savings are estimated at an impressive 109,657kWh.